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Please note: Sorry but we are not currently taking on new support clients.
For existing clients requiring support please contact us on the previous contact details supplied

Based near Swindon in Wiltshire, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive IT Services including WEB Development, IT Support, Security, Graphics Design. We understand the requirements of a small business, financial constraints, and the squeeze on margins and so try to better utilise the existing client IT infrastructure. While upgrading an IT system is not always un-avoidable we will work towards resolving the issues with existing equipment rather than expose clients to un-necessary costs.

We provide all of our clients a tailored made service as no two requirements are the same. Having been established since 2010 and with an every expanding client base you can be confident that we have the most appropriate solution for your own particular needs. We provide IT services for many different companies, however we tend to specialise in the support of the smaller business whose own internal IT knowledge is minimal and budgets tight.

We can provide a service offering to suite your particular business requirement whether you are a new business or one that has been established for sometime. There are range of services that companies require, including complete network design to the installation of a particular product or the implementation of a service, which does not only includes WiFi, data, voice, email and web services.

Depending on the size of your organisation you need not necessary go to the expense of hosting (housing) all of these yourself and it may will be advantageous and less costly to use a 3rd party hosting company. We can look at all of the options on your behalf and come up with the most cost effective solution.

IT Security

IT support need not necessary be expensive and as we specialise in supporting the small business and fully understand any lack of technical expertise that you may have. We can come up with a support cost price bundle which is tailored made to suit your own business needs.

Data security is a very important part of any business, and it is a legal requirement that every effort in made to secure your clients information, any breach may lead to prosecution. If you are concerned then please give us a call. . No business is too small or large.

IT Services

Covered subjects: Web Design / Development, web services, email services, data integrity, remote access. Knowledge of your support costs is essential and ensuring that your business remains profitable and we will always be available to help

Community IT Support

IT support for small charities and voluntary organisations can prove very expensive and for some totally unaffordable. Support therefore can be sporadic and ad-hock, not the ideal situation for even the dedicated of organisations. As part of our assistance to the community we offer our service for free enabling you to focus on your own core specialty.